“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for 10 minutes, including you.” Anne Lamott

Seated Massage

Fully Clothed​
Massage length, 5-30 minutes​
Can be completed in the office or in a private room
Seated Massage, or chair massage, is performed while you are fully clothed and seated in a specially designed massage chair.

The massage chair is designed for you to rest slightly forward with your arms and legs supported. It also has a face cradle to support your head.

Generally speaking, as you are fully clothed, lotions and oils are not used. However, they may be used on the back of the neck or arms and hands if appropriate. Your massage therapist will work your muscles and knots through your clothes.
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Desk Massage

Fully Clothed​
Massage length, 5-20 minutes​
Completed at the desk​
Desk massage treatments are perfect for those team members who don’t want to leave their desks but need some movement, relaxation and mental alignment.

A desk massage focusses on relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands and usually lasts around ten minutes.

We make sure that a massage treatment performed at the desk doesn’t disturb the other team members and that all can benefit from it.
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Desk Yoga

Desk Yoga
Breath work​
Stretch classes
Increase workplace focus
Focussing on employee yoga breath-work, desk yoga and stretch classes.

Helping increase workplace focus with posture improving stretches, self applied massage techniques to help ease tension and anxiety.

Promoting a good night's sleep and improved mindset when dealing with stress.

Breathe, Stretch, Mindfulness, find your calm.
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